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 We advice and/or execute on the broadest range of strategic and financial issues related to:
- Strategies: Exit, Divestiture, Acquisition, Growth, Roll-Up and Consolidation, Recapitalisation,    
  Liquidity and Refinancing strategies
- Acquisition, Sale or Divestiture of companies or business units
- Management buy out, Management buy in, combinations thereof, Successions
- Mergers, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Participations
- Value optimisation, Value identification and Value capture
- Capital optimisation and Cash flow optimisation
- Valuation of companies, business units and stocks
- Transaction financing, Financing and Refinancing
- Raising equity
- Corporate Recovery and turnaround situations and projects
- Investment Analysis and Investment Management

Consulting relating to the above is done against an hourly fee, depending on the nature of the assignment. Pre-advice
or preparatory research can under certain conditions be performed for an agreed fixed fee. Our first consult is free.

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